4 Things You Need When You Buy a Custom Gaming Computer

February 28, 2024

When you think about buying a custom gaming computer, what kind of feeling does that give you? If you’re like us, it gives you all the warm fuzzies thinking about all the awesome things you will be able to do on that PC or laptop. Without sounding too over-the-top, we think it’s the kind of purchase that can be life-changing. That is, assuming you have it built by the right people. Here are four things that every custom PC build should include.

1: Exceptional Craftsmanship

The computers that will transform your gaming experience are not just a few components that can be easily assembled in a factory somewhere by just anyone. It’s a delicate balance to create the exact right mix of performance and beauty. That’s why at Xidax we don’t have just anyone assembling our machines, we have only highly-trained and skilled team members who are just as obsessive about building the perfect machine as you would be if you were building it yourself. We have every team member go through a 360-point certification to make sure they will build only the best gaming PCs.

2: Exceptional Performance

The custom gaming PC that you receive is one that will last a long time, and provide hours of joy from the games you will play on your own, with your friends, and with strangers who will probably become your friends. That means you need peak performance every time you boot up your machine, which is exactly why we hand-test every part of a computer before we send it out from our warehouse in South Jordan, Utah. We’ll make sure that every part performs at the highest level and hand-tune each machine before it arrives at your door.

3: Testing

If you have decided on a custom gaming PC, it’s probably because you want more than an off-the-shelf gaming experience. The average computer was never built to stand up to the kinds of performance requirements that your games will demand, but even the best components need to be tested before they are deployed in the field. Every Xidax PC is put through an array of tests so your machine is instantly ready to perform out of the box. No testing and no surprises.

4: Support on Demand

It’s a sad truth for every computer that once you start using it the components will start to wear down. If you buy from Xidax, though, that is nothing to worry about because the core of your computer is completely protected by a lifetime parts and service guarantee (with some exceptions, but only a couple, we promise). We also offer support from a completely U.S.-based team, fully trained and knowledgeable about all things gaming computers. We can answer your questions or help get your PC functioning like new again in no time.

Your gaming computer is a big investment, and before you hit “buy” on just any website, make sure you’re getting the service, performance, support, and expertise that you deserve to get the most out of your next custom PC or laptop.

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