Comparing VPS and Dedicated Server for Hosting Needs

February 1, 2022

For those with specific hosting needs on their computing devices, whether for gaming or any other purpose, the use of a server may be necessary in many cases. If you’re in such a position, you may find yourself choosing between two broad server types: A VPS (virtual private server) or a dedicated server.

At Xidax, we’re here to offer the very best gaming computers and related products to all our clients, including custom server computers and several others for those who have specific hosting needs. For those looking to learn more about this area, let’s go over some basics on both the VPS and the dedicated server, plus look at their benefits and drawbacks to help you figure out which is likely best for you.

VPS Basics

As we noted above, VPS is short for virtual private server. It refers to a virtual machine that’s controlled by the purchasing consumer, but is broadly managed by a cloud services provider. VPSs typically benefit those users who don’t want to manage the server details directly, but also want a custom virtual machine.

To create a VPS, the cloud computing provider creates a virtual environment that includes a copy of an installation image they provide for purchase. The consumer then installs their own copy of an operating system within it, plus the software they need. This provides a custom virtual machine with dedicated resources, though without the full degree of control that would be available if they were to opt for their own physical server computer instead.

Some of the most common uses of the VPS include the hosting of game servers and the hosting of standard websites. However, it can be used for any task you might need a custom virtual machine to accomplish.

Each VPS has its own bandwidth and memory usage limitations — these will typically change based on the cost of the VPS you purchase. The higher the cost, the more bandwidth and RAM it will provide for your use.

Benefits of VPS

There are a few reasons why many gamers gravitate toward the VPS option for their server needs, and cost is likely atop this list. VPSs are typically much cheaper than their dedicated server counterparts. This makes them ideal for gamers on a budget, or who need the flexibility of game servers but aren’t sure how often they’ll be used.

Another benefit of the VPS is limiting the strain placed on your hardware and internet connection. If you’re hosting game servers, it means that your games won’t slow down when someone else is under heavy use. And if you’re hosting websites, it means that the websites will be faster for users since they aren’t reliant on other sites’ traffic to function properly. For this reason, many experiencing performance issues will shift from a dedicated server to a VPS and quickly notice improvements.

For those with small hosting project needs, or those who host gaming servers on the side, it’s also helpful to note that you can usually upgrade your VPS at any time. That way, if hosting needs increase or if your business starts to grow, you won’t have to purchase a new server every single time — just upgrade the existing one for better resources.

Dedicated Server Basics

A dedicated server, on the other hand, is a physical machine that’s set aside singularly to serve a single consumer, entity or business. Dedicated server hardware will typically be stored in temperature-controlled data centers, where the servers themselves are monitored and maintained. This allows for a higher level of overall performance, though it can also be less flexible and more costly than the VPS option.

A dedicated server is typically purchased by companies or individuals with high hosting needs, such as those who publish websites that run on extremely heavy traffic websites (like popular social networking sites). The dedicated server allows for customization and high speed, which many users need to accomplish the task at hand.

Dedicated servers typically employ cutting-edge software and hardware, and their prices reflect that. This makes them a more expensive option for those who need the power of a dedicated server but don’t have the hosting needs to justify such an expense.

Benefits of Dedicated Servers

Many gamers find themselves gravitating toward the dedicated server as they grow older and gain experience, or simply as their projects demand better resources. Here are some of the top benefits dedicated servers offer:

  • Heavier workloads: If you need the resources to accomplish more than one task at a time, such as hosting both game servers and websites at once or running several different server applications simultaneously, then a dedicated server is likely your best bet.
  • High speed: If you’re looking for ultra-fast performance and access speeds, you’ll find it with a dedicated machine that’s solely your own. This means that the servers themselves will serve you better, and there won’t be any slowdown from other users’ traffic to weigh down the performance.
  • Improved security: While both VPSs and dedicated servers are highly secure, the customization options available to dedicated servers allow you greater control over who can access your server and how.
  • Mobility: If you’re planning to move servers, a dedicated machine will be more affordable than purchasing an entirely new physical server (provided that the hardware is similar). This also makes it easier to transport the equipment if necessary — for example, through secured data centers.
  • Flexibility and additions: You can typically add or upgrade to more powerful equipment with a dedicated server, such as by adding RAM. With other hosting options, this may not be possible — and you’ll have to purchase a new machine instead, which is far more expensive.

For more on a VPS compared to a dedicated server for your hosting needs, or to learn about any of our gaming laptops or desktops, speak to the staff at Xidax today.

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