CPU vs Graphics Card: Which One to Upgrade in Your Gaming Computer – Part 2

February 28, 2024

In part 1 of this blog we covered the basics that every gamer should know about the differences between CPUs and graphics cards. Now we’ll cover how you decide between the two if you can only upgrade one.

Which One Matters More?

Both of these components are essential for a great gaming experience, and the one you decide to upgrade may depend on what games you want to play. Some games, like Minecraft, are only designed to use a single core, so having a multi-core CPU won’t make any difference. But first-person shooter (FPS) like Call of Duty, multiplayer online role-playing games like Final Fantasy 14, and battle royale games like Fortnite Battle Royale require more processing power and need a multi-core, multi-thread CPU.

The more graphics-intensive your games, or the higher your monitor’s refresh rate, the more focus you want to put on a GPU. If you’re playing more online open-world games with an immersive graphics experience, such as Red Dead Redemption 2 or role-playing games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a GPU may be a better investment (as long as your CPU is good enough to keep up). Keep in mind that if you have a lower-resolution monitor with slower refresh rates, upgrading the graphics card won’t provide any benefit because the screen can’t keep up. High-end GPUs can also get pretty expensive, so you need to have a bigger budget for your upgrades if you decide that a top-of-the-line GPU is what you want.

Ultimately since many of today’s games demand more of your CPU, it’s a good idea to splurge a little to get the better processor. You still want to make sure you get a good GPU, especially if you’re playing on a newer or high definition monitor.

Get Help With Your Decision

The cost of a gaming computer is high, and when you shop for your new computer you want to make sure that the upgrades you include are going to keep up with all the advances in games. If you’re still not sure which components are right for your new gaming computer, talk to the experts at Xidax. We have professional and casual gamers who can offer advice based on your budget and your gaming habits. Plus they can help you determine what will set you up best for the games that are coming next, so you don’t end up with a computer that needs to be upgraded again sooner than later.

Check out all the models available and dozens of upgrades and options to turn your computer into the perfect gaming machine no matter what your budget.

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