Is it Really Worthwhile to Build Your Own Gaming PC (Part 2)?

February 28, 2024

In part one of this blog post we discussed one of the reasons that people decide to build their own custom PC: getting the best components and a completely custom build to suit your needs. While that is definitely a benefit of creating your own gaming PC, it’s not without drawbacks. You need a very detailed knowledge of how components work together, what specific things can create issues and how to work around those things. For example, if you get a high-end graphics card and CPU, do you have the right cooling system to keep the machine from overheating?

Researching these things requires a lot of time and a deep understanding of electronic components. If you have that kind of time and it’s something that you want to do, it might be worth it. For others who simply want a fun gaming PC, it might not.

The next thing to discuss is the potential for cost savings when you do your own build.

Getting the Lowest Cost

A second reason many people want to build their own PC is a belief that you can get a better machine at a lower cost by purchasing and putting together all the pieces yourself. While you can achieve some savings by shopping for used, refurbished, or open-box components, this isn’t a guarantee. You also need to have a good sense of what components are ok to skimp on price and which you should splurge on—something not every first-time PC builder will know.

Even for experienced PC builders, the savings on a build-your-own gaming PC only range from about $100 to $500 (and the amount you save usually shrinks as you get toward a more expensive build). If that’s going to make a big difference in your budget it might be worth the time and stress of doing it yourself, but for most people that extra $100 and the warranty that comes with purchasing a gaming PC is well worth it to buy a PC that is already built.

Getting the Best of Both Worlds

There is a solution that gives you the benefits of both: custom parts that you choose, and professionals to put it all together. Xidax is your one-stop-shop for all things gaming PCs, where you can get a huge selection of high-quality parts, expert advice while you build, and a lifetime warranty on your desktop gaming PC. Shop today to see how easy it can be.

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