Should You Try to Fix Your Gaming PC or Send it for Warranty Repairs?

February 28, 2024

One of the age-old questions with technology is whether you should pay for a warranty, and whether it’s worthwhile to use your warranty. The alternative, for someone with some knowledge of how your PC works, is to repair your machine on your own.


You can find a million threads online with people discussing the value of a warranty, and whether you should purchase an extended warranty. We won’t really get into the debate about whether those extended warranties are worthwhile because at Xidax we offer an industry-leading warranty that includes lifetime parts and labor for any desktop PC you purchase from us. There is some fine print in there (although not much, and you can read the full warranty here).

Suffice it to say that we don’t think you should pay for the extended warranty when you buy a PC, because we think you should buy it from us and get that warranty included.

Home Repairs

The next option for someone whose computer is damaged is to try and repair it on your own. For some, one of the joys of PCs is the ability to get inside the case and start working on the components. But for most people—who have little understanding of how the insides of your computer work except to know that they allow you to run all the programs you need, surf the internet, and play the games you want—it would take a long time and a lot of trial and error to troubleshoot your own PC issues. Trying to fix things on your own could also void any warranties that your machine does include, so be careful before you start working in there.

One common concern for people who may think that a home repair is a better idea than sending it in for warranty repairs is the time it will take to send your computer off to a manufacturer, wait for repairs, and then wait while it’s shipped back to you. This is a valid concern if you don’t know where your computer is going and how long it might take to get it back, especially if you use it for important tasks.

What’s Best for You

For most people, the best option is to buy your custom PC from a place that offers a reasonable warranty and can do the repairs quickly and get your machine back to you right away. At Xidax, we believe in our machines. We know that they’re made with the highest quality parts, and assembled by the best U.S.-based team, so we stand behind our computers for life. That’s a warranty that no one in the industry can match. Plus our warehouse is located in South Jordan, Utah (just outside Salt Lake City), so you don’t have to ship your computer off to a foreign country and wait months for it to arrive back at your doorstep.

Check out our custom PCs or find one that we have already put together with the best gaming components and get the best warranty anywhere in the world with every PC we sell.

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