What Does Your Custom Desktop or Laptop Computer Warranty Cover?

February 28, 2024

So you’re thinking about buying a new custom gaming PC? That’s a big purchase, and there are a lot of decisions to make when you are trying to figure out where to buy that computer. But before you jump on board and buy just any computer from an online site take a close look at what kind of warranty they are offering on those machines.

What’s Covered Under the Warranty?

Not every custom PC desktop or laptop gaming computer out there is built to last, and some companies want to get away with selling you something that won’t live up to your expectations. To ease your worries they may say they offer a warranty, which makes you feel better about buying something so expensive. Unfortunately there may be a lot of small print that you need to read to see what is actually covered. If the warranty excludes major components, like the motherboard, CPU, cooling fans, or any other major components, think twice about whether it’s really worthwhile to spend your money with that company.

How Long is the Warranty?

The other question you want to ask is how long the warranty lasts. Many manufacturers, including many custom PC gaming shops, offer short-term warranties between one and three years. While that’s better than nothing, you expect that your technology will last at least a year, and probably at least three or more. The true test of quality is whether a company is willing to stand behind their technology for any longer.

When you purchase a gaming PC desktop computer from Xidax, it comes with a lifetime parts and service guarantee for all the core components of the computer (that’s everything that comes inside the computer case). This kind of warranty is unmatched in the industry and shows how much faith Xidax has in the quality of components it sells. Even custom laptops from Xidax are covered with a two-year parts and service guarantee, and you can upgrade that to a three-year warranty if you prefer.

What it Means for You

A lifetime parts and service warranty means that if your hard drive explodes in 10 years, it’s covered. If you need a new cooling fan, we’ve got you. Find out more about our lifetime warranty on custom PC laptops and start building your perfect computer today.

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