Why You Need to Start Shopping Now for Holiday Gaming Rigs

December 2, 2020


Black Friday—or, increasingly, Thanksgiving afternoon and evening—has long been the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, but even though a lot of shopping happens that weekend, there are still a significant number of people who like to wait until the last minute. In 2020 holiday shoppers are going to need to make some adjustments. This has been an unusual and difficult year for many different industries, and both manufacturing and retail have been significantly impacted by COVID-19.

Earlier in the year, as many as three in 10 holiday shoppers said they would be shopping early this year, but with the plethora of news coverage about the potential shortages of the season, it’s likely that even more people have moved up their shopping schedule. In short, you won’t be able to wait until the last minute to do your shopping this year. If you have a gaming computer on your list to buy for someone (or yourself), here are the reasons you should not wait to buy it.

1: Parts delays

The COVID-19 pandemic affected every part of the globe, which means that in addition to American retail and manufacturing, overseas manufacturing has been impacted. The global supply chain was disrupted, and while some of it has returned to normal, not all of it has, and you are going to need to prepare for the potential of delays on the parts that you want. For those who want to build a custom PC and choose your own components, it’s important to get a jump start so you’re not missing a critical piece of the computer or laptop that holds up the whole machine.

2: Production delays

If you’re lucky enough to have all your parts in stock, the next hurdle to overcome is production delays. The good news is that you can overcome a lot of these delays by shopping for a custom gaming PC that is built in the U.S. At Xidax, we manufacture all our machines in South Jordan, Utah, which means that as long as we have all the parts in stock, we can get to work building your machine and you won’t face delays that are out of your control in a faraway country.

3: Shipping delays

One final hurdle that your custom gaming PC might face is shipping delays. Major shipping carriers are preparing for a huge wave of holiday shipments as most people decide to do all their shopping (or at least the vast majority) online and have items delivered to their door rather than risk going to stores. Prepare early so you can get your shipment on time.

4: No better deals

If you’re worried that shopping early means you’ll miss out on deals, Xidax has a Black November sale going on all month long. Shop today to find great deals on the gaming PC you want this year and make sure you get it on time.

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