Wireless vs Wired Gaming Mouse: Which is Better?

August 5, 2020

Remember when a computer mouse had two buttons, and maybe a scroll wheel if you were lucky? Ah, the good old days. Or maybe not. Today’s gaming computer mouse is a lot more advanced, and comes with multiple buttons, color syncing, and the choice between an optical LED or laser light source. But when it’s time to choose the mouse for your next gaming PC build, one of the most important choices you will need to make is whether to choose a wired mouse or a wireless model. This guide will help you choose.


Your mouse will connect to your computer in one two ways:

  • USB (wired)
  • Bluetooth (wireless)

Both of these technologies are backwards-compatible, so even if you have an older USB connector it will still work with newer computers. 

Wireless Mouse

Wireless mouse options are plentiful these days, with options like the ASUS ROG Chakram that provide you with the ability to move your mouse freely without worrying that your cord will get in the way. For those who are looking for the best gaming PC aesthetic, it also looks a lot cleaner because you don’t have the added cord clutter, which is already at peak level when it comes to your whole setup.

However, a wireless mouse is not without downsides. These tend to be more expensive than their wired counterparts and run on battery life which means that you will need to charge it to avoid issues while you’re gaming. Most batteries today will last upwards of 72 hours, which means you won’t have charging issues often, but your mouse could die right in the middle of a critical gaming sequence and you’re out of luck. There is also a chance for input lag since the mouse is running on Bluetooth connection, which may not be 100% reliable all the time.

Wired Mouse

While they’re not as sexy as a wireless option, a wired mouse provides a more stable experience without any lag, making it more responsive. It’s also usually a lot less expensive than a wireless mouse. You do have to deal with a little extra cable clutter, but with a decent cord management system you can eliminate most of the issues at the start.

Which One to Choose?

While there isn’t a right answer for everyone, most gamers can get by just fine with a wired mouse. You’ll save a little money and get a better, more stable experience. However, there is a third option for someone who just can’t decide: some mouse models come with a wire but can also operate wirelessly.

Check out the ASUS lineup of mouse options for gaming with every new Xidax PC you build.

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