3 Reasons a Hand-Built Gaming Computer is Better

February 28, 2024

When it’s time to get a new gaming PC, one of the common debates is whether you should get an “off the shelf” version or build one from scratch. The challenge with off-the-shelf configurations is that you may not get exactly what you want, and you don’t have the ability to customize specific parts of the PC for your needs. The challenge with building a PC by hand, though, is that it takes a LOT of time and effort, with tons of required research and the expertise to know how to put it all together.

There is also an in between option: getting the customization available from building a PC from scratch while also getting the expert help and guidance of people who know how to put together a great gaming PC. At Xidax, we help you customize your PC down to the last detail, starting with a base build and allowing you to make whatever changes are necessary. Here’s why that is beneficial.

1: You get a build specific to your needs

Everyone plans to use their gaming PC in different ways. Some people will use it exclusively for gaming on their own, others might need their PC to double as a computer for work and school, while others might need extra computing power to livestream or work in graphics-intensive programs. These specific needs can be hard to meet if you buy an off-the-shelf model, because it will force you to buy a higher-end computer with components you don’t need just to get the upgraded parts you do. Customizing each piece allows you to get exactly what you need.

2: You can stick to your budget

You might think it’s more expensive to get a custom PC built by hand, but in many cases it’s actually less expensive because you have the freedom to customize all the components on an individual basis. You don’t have to get the most expensive CPU if a mid-range one will work, but you can get the high-end GPU that you require for graphics-intensive games you plan to play. This approach allows you to skim where necessary and splurge where you want.

3: You can get expert help

If you’re building a custom PC on your own, this might not apply, but when you build your custom gaming PC with Xidax, you get the expertise of real professional gamers to help you figure out what your computer should include. They are available by phone or online chat as you’re creating your desktop or laptop configuration to ask questions and provide insight.

Ready to get a custom gaming PC?

Don’t sacrifice by getting an off-the-shelf build when you really want a custom PC for gaming. Start creating yours today at Xidax.

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