Start Shopping Now for Holiday Tech Gifts

September 30, 2020

Remember the old days when we used to stand in line and browse the stores for holiday tech? Okay so the last time we did that was less than 12 months ago, but sometimes it feels like a lifetime. This year’s holiday shopping is likely to look at lot different than before. COVID-19 is going to keep most people away from crowded shopping centers filled with people looking for the best deals. In addition, this year’s holiday shopping season—especially for tech gifts—is likely to be complicated by:

  • Supply chains that have been disrupted as a result of the global pandemic
  • Limited staffing in stores that could slow down orders
  • Delays in shipping as a significantly higher volume of shoppers go online

We haven’t even hit Halloween yet, but this year it’s important to start your holiday shopping as early as possible to avoid missing out on the things you really want.

Retail Challenges

Retail stores have long been a staple of holiday shopping, showcasing the latest and greatest in big tech like gaming computers for the holiday season and offering deals on days like Black Friday that bring you into the store. This year, though, stores are likely to cut back with plans to hire fewer people—in part because they may be strapped for cash in an economy that has drastically slowed consumer spending, but also because they won’t have as many people inside the stores browsing around. Chances are your favorite stores will have very limited capacity to allow people inside, which will make it hard to shop in person.

Stores may also have to change their plans on what and how much they can order. The availability of certain items will vary based on global supply chains. Many of those shut down for COVID-19 and have not returned to “normal” production levels yet. Additionally, this year’s demand will be harder to predict with so many people out of work, furloughed, or underemployed. Retailers are likely to err on the side of having too little stock instead of ordering too many and having an overstock without demand.

Shipping Challenges

Shopping online is going to be the go-to alternative for many consumers, but that might not solve all your problems. Shipping times could be longer for items that are in high demand, or for items that are coming from other countries. It’s important to shop early to avoid finding that perfect gift without enough time to get it under the tree on Christmas morning.

Customize Your Holiday Tech Instead

If you want to avoid all the headaches and hassles that traditional retail shopping will likely include this year, consider buying a custom gaming computer from Xidax. Our U.S.-based facility manufactures each gaming computer by hand to your specifications, so you can get exactly what you need with no stress. Plus we offer a lifetime warranty on our desktop machines and a limited warranty on laptops. Find out more when you shop our website today.

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