Get Free Bonuses & Special Financing on Holiday Gaming PCs

December 22, 2020

It’s a holiday season like no other, and after a long and difficult year, now is the time to get someone a gift that can help them have a little bit more fun. If you have someone on your list who loves gaming, or who has taken up gaming since the start of the quarantine and pandemic, this is the perfect time to shop at Xidax for free bonuses and special financing on a gaming PC for Christmas.

Why Gaming PCs Make Great Gifts

You already know that this year has been a little…well, weird. It has been a time when we all spent more time at home, which for many of us meant trying to find some new hobbies that we could do without the need to go out and be around others. It was also a time when we discovered just how important it is to maintain connections with others, but virtually because our own safety and the safety and health of those we love depended on us being able to stay apart. For millions, that meant taking up PC gaming for the first time, or rediscovering our love for gaming that allowed us to connect with friends across the neighborhood, or thousands of miles away.

For those who have worn out their existing PC gaming rig, or who need an upgrade from a basic desktop or laptop to a machine specifically designed for gaming, the holidays are the best time to give that gift.

Custom Built Gaming Laptops and Desktops

For many parents and loved ones who might not be as into gaming as their teen or significant other, it’s difficult to know what to give. If you’re stuck and not sure which graphics card is best, or what cooling system your gamer might need, that’s where it pays to get a custom-built machine. You might be thinking that would actually be even harder because you don’t know which components to choose, but at Xidax, we can put our expertise to work to get you exactly the computer you need—even for the novice gaming PC buyer.

We start with some of our favorite gaming PC bundles already loaded with the best components based on your budget. Next you can further customize each piece or add accessories as your budget allows to get the perfect machine. If you get stuck, just chat with us online and we’ll help you figure out which components are right for your computer and your gamer.

Free Accessories & Special Financing

Right now is the perfect time to get your PC built, but don’t wait too long. You can still create a custom gaming computer and have it shipped and ready for Christmas, but you’ve got to order right away. We’re offering several special deals, including special financing to help you pay for the computer over time if money is tight right now or free accessories like headsets, keyboards, and a mouse.

Head over to Xidax and start building the perfect gaming PC or laptop for someone on your list right now.

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